Breckland's Talking Newspaper for the Blind

Link-Up is a member of the Talking News Federation.


Lord Fisher of Kilverstone

The Mayor of Thetford

Link-Up provides a fortnightly talking newspaper to over 100 users.

Each fortnight our Editors comb the local newspapers for articles which we think will be of interest to our listeners. These articles are then collated and our Readers record them onto an audio computer file.

The completed file is transferred to a memory stick which, in turn, becomes the Master for transferring the audio news file to over 100 other memory sticks. These sticks are then sent out, free of charge, by post to our listeners. When they have finished listening, they send the memory sticks back to us, once again free of charge.

But how do our listeners hear this news, you may ask? Link-Up provides, free of charge, what we call a Boom Box to each and every listener. Our Home Visitor goes to each listener's home and demonstrates the simple controls of the Boom Box and, should any listener encounter a problem, our Home Visitor will call and solve it.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to become a listener and receive our fortnightly talking newspaper, please do not hesitate to contact Link-Up, and the details are on the Contact Us page.

John Morgan producing an edition of Link-Up

Volunteers collecting funds at Tesco

Visit by the Mayor, Cllr Dennis Crawford, 3 August 2017
Link-Up registered Charity number is 288883