Volunteers Needed

Link-Up relies on its volunteers and we are always looking for new people to join our happy team. Our current vacancies are listed below:-

Script Editor
Editors check scripts submitted by script collators. They need to ensure that each story is completed and balanced, and include a phonetic spelling guide to any likely pronunciation problems, as the script will be read and recorded before the final version is sent out to blind and visually impaired listeners. The stories have to be organised in terms of geography and strength. A running order is compiled and, as well as the news, items of interest such as birthday messages are added. A welcome has to be added plus the details of the people involved in each edition e.g. the names of the script collator, the producer etc. Ideally you should have your own transport to collect the draft scripts and then to take the finished article to Thetford Grammar School for the recording session. For more information, contact John Morgan on 01379 641643.

Note Taker
We need someone to join our committee as a meeting note taker. We have just four meetings per year, on a Thursday evening in Thetford. Ideally you would take notes during the meeting, and then type them up and email them to the chairman once they’re complete. We’re all volunteers, and are looking for a friendly, helpful person to join our fairly informal team. There’s no gavel banging at one of our meetings! And we’d be as happy to hear your views as we would anyone else’s. For more information, contact John Morgan on 01379 641643.

Script Collater
This is done from home. You collect newspapers from a designated Thetford newsagent (we’re invoiced directly, so no money changes hands).  You cut out relevant stories, chosen from Breckland’s main towns and villages; stories that have a special link with our own area. Generally avoid national and international news, first person pieces, comment columns or arts reviews. Try to get a range of stories from all over the district, including sport. Aim for a maximum length of eight paragraphs per story. Paste cuttings into the centre of an A4 sheet (paper and glue provided). You would need to find 325-350 paragraphs of news over a two-week period, once every two or three months.  The finished sheets need to be delivered to the Thetford Grammar School office.  For more information, contact John Morgan on 01379 641643.

Working with two teams of two readers, on a rota which usually requires one or two production nights every two to three months. The talking newspaper is produced at Thetford Grammar School on alternate Thursday evenings. Training will be provided in the use of a sound mixing desk and laptop, although basic knowledge of IT is preferred. It is the producer’s responsibility to make sure that the microphones, headphones, mixing desk and laptop etc are all ready and working. The producer also has to be satisfied that the readers have checked and understood their scripts. For more information, contact John Morgan on 01379 641643.